Mrs. Bray has been the Odyssey school counselor since the opening day in 2007. As the school counselor, Mrs. Bray is the coordinator for the Comprehensive Counseling and Guidance progaram at Odyssey Elementary which is closely aligned with the PBIS (Positive Behavior Interventions and Support) program. Mrs. Bray is also the facilitator of the PBIS program. This means that Odyssey counseling interventions provide a school wide support system for each student, while also focusing on school wide positive behaviors. This intervention is provided by Mrs. Bray by weekly lessons for all classes and “in the moment” learning in the PBIS room.

This School year Odyssey is in the process of developing a growth mindset culture throughout the school. This means that we are never done learning. Every day is a learning opportunity, and Odyssey faculty and staff understand that ALL children can learn social skills and can demonstrate appropriate behaviors. This growth mindset emphasizes a safe environment where all children understand we can learn from our mistakes and it is very important to ask questions when we do not understand something. The most important component of the growth mindset idea is that Odyssey learners understand that we can do hard things, and we NEVER give up.

Mrs. Bray also works closely with our Weber Mental Health therapist, Mrs. Ybarra. Parents and/or guardians can contact Mrs. Bray if they would like their child to see Mrs. Ybarra. The counseling program is built from our great love for Odyssey students and our belief in a bright future for every student.

Individual Student Issues • Concerns about Mood • Stress/Worry

Please contact Mrs. Bray at 801-737-8407 if you wish for your student to receive counseling or therapy services beyond what is provided in the classroom.

Cindy Bray



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