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Sonja Davidson, Odyssey Elementary principal

October 16, 2020

Dear Odyssey Families,

It seems like just yesterday that we were planning for our Explorers to return to school, and now it's almost time for Halloween! We are so happy to be back in school with our students, and so incredibly proud of the respect and determination that they have shown in following all of our new COVID protocols and procedures. Our students are wearing masks, maintaining physical distance, and sanitizing to help keep all members of our school community safe. We also appreciate that our Odyssey families are being so careful and conscientious by wearing masks on campus, keeping students home when they are ill, notifying us when there are health concerns within a household, and encouraging students to follow all COVID-related health and safety protocols. This truly is a collective community effort, and we greatly appreciate your partnership in helping to keep our Odyssey community safe and healthy.

Speaking of home-school partnerships, we enjoyed visiting with you during our first Family-Teacher Conferences, and appreciate your willingness to participate in these conferences over the phone to help us maintain the health and safety of our Odyssey students and staff. Our teachers were eager to share how well your students are doing and how much they are learning. We have been amazed by how easily our students have adapted to our unique circumstances this year, and by how much grit and resiliency they are showing. Our Odyssey Explorers are truly amazing!

We hope that your family has a safe and enjoyable fall break. When we return to school on October 19th, our students will be completing their first interim assessment for the school year. This is a chance for them to demonstrate the knowledge and skills they have acquired during this first quarter. Our students have been working so hard at both reviewing previous learning and mastering new academic content, and we are excited for them to "show what they know." Please ensure that your student is here, on time, and ready to do their best each day!

In appreciation,

Mrs. Davidson

Principal, Odyssey Elementary

Here is the link to our first quarter newsletter: The Explorer Edition



Odyssey Elementary front exterior

February 17, 2006 marked the groundbreaking ceremony of the new Ogden City school soon to be named Odyssey Elementary. Special guests were retired NASA astronaut, Rich Clifford (former student of Ogden School District); Retired U.S. Senator and NASA astronaut, Jake Garn; Ogden City School Board of Education; Superintendent, Cathy Ortega and district office representatives.

Many people in the Ogden School District celebrated the christening of Odyssey Elementary School on August 9, 2007. Retired U.S. Senator and NASA astronaut, Jake Garn, sixth graders Nicholas Ortega and Joana Robles, with principal Charlotte Parry were lifted up to the shuttle replica on the front of the school. A champagne-shaped bottle created from sugar and filled with confetti was struck against the shuttle nose cone. Speakers were emotional as they thanked many for supporting the school. “This has been a dream for many people – an out of this world dream,” said Ogden district Superintendent Noel Zabriskie.

Life is about opportunities and this school will provide the students of Ogden the first of many educational opportunities.

On August 20, 2007 Odyssey Elementary School opened its doors to 653 anxious students from kindergarten to sixth grade.


Odyssey Elementary

Odyssey Vision

Odyssey Mission

Odyssey Visible learners are Self-Aware, Think and are Reflective, Ask Questions and Wonder, Make Connections and are Determined.

Odyssey Rules

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Programs offered at Odyssey Elementary include: Boys and Girls Club after school program, Lego STEM Robotics League, and ESL and physical fitness for parents. A Physical Education professional teaches the importance of health and exercise to students. Guitar lessons for 4th-6th grade students create a connection to stringed instruments and the Spanish culture.

Odyssey Elementary Dedication Ceremony

Odyssey Elementary Dedication Ceremony, 2006
Odyssey Elementary Dedication Ceremony, 2006
Odyssey Elementary Dedication Ceremony, 2006
Odyssey Elementary Dedication Ceremony, 2006