Community Council

Parent involvement is very important to student academic achievement. By serving on the school council, parents have the opportunity to collaborate with other parents, teachers and the principal to set and achieve school goals. Parents are rewarded with a better understanding of the educational process and have the opportunity to develop relationships with school leadership. A parent always serves as chair of the council. Parents make up the majority of the council and are often the driving force in how School LAND Trust funds are spent.

La participación de los padres es muy importante para el logro académico del estudiante. Al servir en el consejo de la escuela, los padres tienen la oportunidad de colaborar con otros padres, maestros y el director para establecer y alcanzar las metas de la escuela. Los padres son recompensados con una mejor comprensión del proceso educativo y tienen la oportunidad de desarrollar relaciones con el liderazgo escolar. Un padre siempre sirve como presidente del consejo. Los padres constituyen la mayoría del consejo y son a menudo la fuerza impulsora en cómo se gastan los fondos fiduciarios de la escuela LAND.


Michelle Ibarra801-737-8400Chair
Cindy Braybrayc@ogdensd.org801-737-8407Staff Member
Yarit Avila801-737-8400Parent Member
Olga Lizarraga801-737-8400Parent Member
Maribel Sanchez801-737-8400Parent Member
Leanne Richrichl@ogdensd.org801-737-8403Principal
Rocio Hernandez801-737-8400Vice-Chair

Rules of Order and Procedure
Parent Involvement
Funding Allocation
Council Meeting Information
Oct. 53:00 p.m.Media Center
Nov. 153:00 p.m.Media Center
Jan. 173:00 p.m.Media Center
Feb. 73:00 p.m.Media Center
Mar. 73:00 p.m.Media Center
Apr. 123:00 p.m.Media Center

School Land Trust Annual Summary

School Land Trust Final Report 16-17

School Land Trust

FINAL REPORT 2016-2017

Action Plan Steps

Odyssey placed one additional teacher in third grade to maintain a teacher student ratio of 1:25. The third grade team utilized pre and post assessments to guide instruction in reading and math. The team aligned their weekly instruction to grade level content standards and utilized Hess’s Depth of Knowledge Matrix to plan for rigor in both instruction and assessments. The team also worked diligently to increase math and reading fluency so that students could perform higher level performance tasks.

The fluency work resulted in Odyssey achieving and exceeding the DIBELS Pathways to Progress goal. The 3rd grade team was not able to use the SAGE interim assessments and instead used the iReady Math Diagnostic Assessment to take pre and post data.


DIBELS 2016-2017 Pathways of Progress

  • 53%

iReady Math Diagnostic Assessment

  • 94%

Odyssey achieved and exceeded the third grade goal in DIBELS Pathways to Progress and made significant growth on the iReady Math Diagnostic Assessment.

Odyssey Elementary utilized the full School LAND Trust allocation to fund the third grade teacher.

Community Council Agenda/Minutes

Community Council Schedule

The Council will meet each month at 3:00 p.m. in the Odyssey Media Center. The Council advises and makes recommendations to the school regarding how the school can improve or enhance student achievement, student environment and the needs of the school. Please contact Mrs. Rich in the office if you are interested in sitting on the Council or would like to be elected to the council.

El Consejo se reunirá cada mes a las 3:00 p.m. en la Biblioteca de la escuela Odyssey. El Consejo asesora y va hace recomendaciones a la escuela con respecto a cómo la escuela puede mejorar o aumentar el rendimiento estudiantil, ambiente estudiantil y las necesidades de la escuela. La primera elección del Consejo de la Comunidad y la reunión se llevará a cabo el 8 de septiembre a las 5:00. Por favor, póngase en contacto con la señora Rich en la oficina si usted está interesado en sentarse en el Consejo, si desea ser electo como miembro del consejo.


Odyssey Community Council

October 5, 2017

Meeting Minutes

Members present: Rocio Hernandez, Yarit Avila, Leanne Rich, Cindy Bray, Jer Bates

1. Community Council Meeting Dates for 2017-2018 school year

a. October 5th, November 15th, January 17, February 7th, March 7, April 12th

b. Council Member Contact Information

i. No parents asked to run for council seats

ii. Team will invite parents to attend future meetings

2. School Goals

a. Review of 90 Day Plan: Literacy and Graduation goals, Visible Learner and Social Skill Goal.

3. School Grades

a. Review of Data Gateway

i. School, District, State proficiency in ELA, Math, Science

ii. School, District, State MGP scores

1. Odyssey high growth scores in ELA and Science

4. Summary of the 2016-2017 School Land Trust Plan Implementation

a. Funding a teacher to focus on standards and proficiency

5. Parent Concerns or Questions

a. Playground behavior and consequences. Can we make sure we don’t consequence the whole class for a group of students behavior?

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